Who We Are

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We are a small, agile Indian design team with a unique multidisciplinary approach, incorporating strategic design, development, business know-how and research based consumer psychology.

Over the years, we’ve earned international acclaim and a myriad of industry awards, not to mention the undying support and gratitude of our rapidly growing client base.

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At Design Pixel Studio , our mission is to help small, medium and large businesses and organizations with all their graphic and visual communication needs. As a world leader in the industry, our passion is design and developing solutions to some of our customers’ biggest design problems. We enjoy new challenges, hard work and even working under deadlines because we enjoy what we do – we enjoy design!

We believe in great design and we think that design should not have to be compromised with budgets. Tight budgets are just a factor that limits the time available to be spent on project development.

We believe in visual branding that will work in conjunction with your corporate core values and ethics. This idea includes the visualization of your current or newly developed brand that will greatly help in all of your marketing efforts and pass the real message to your end users.

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We are creative | We are passionate | We are good listeners | We value relationships | We are experienced | We work with businesses of every shape, size and colour | We ask the right questions | We work creatively led, but grounded by solid insight and research | We believe all branding exercises should be memorable | We love candy wrappers for they are a piece of art in their own right | We tend to dance when that funky song plays on the radio | We think deep yellow is the best shade in the whole colour spectrum | We spread our magic across all media | We are not stubborn but we’ll always be frank | We believe travelling is the best teacher | We are addicted to information | We have a fine eye for detail | We love to eat at street stalls | We are always ready to push our limits | We explore | We believe that dialogues are more productive than monologues We take care of it!

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